Kamis, 03 Januari 2013

How to create illustrations

How to create illustrations

Open the Photoshop application
Click the star - select Photoshop





Open the image to be converted into illustrations.
Click the file - open or (ctrl + O)

Copy Layer
Click the Menu Bar Layer Via Copy (Ctrl + J)

Change Layer 1 to color grayscale
how to click Menu Bar Image> Adjustment> Desaturate (Shift + Ctrl + U)

create another new layer (Ctrl + J)

then click (Ctrl + I) to make the image on Layer 1 copy to Invert

click Menu Bar Filter> Blur> Gaussian Blur

blur radius set to 2.0 or as needed

then click on the Color Dodge layer option

Multiply select the option to change the Opacity to: 70%

And here's the result:



Ubuntu can not be shutdown via the GUI is frequent but quiet it was not a problem really ...
There are several ways to shutdown one melawati terminal.
Okay immediately wrote to his tutorial ni ....

1. Open Terminal (cttl + alt + t)

2. Log in as root / sudo by typing sudo su and enter the root password
3. Write the command shutdown-h now
Wait until the process is complete

<< GOOD LUCK  >>

Supplement :
1. Shutdown: # shutdown-h now
2. Restart: # shutdown-r now

Minggu, 02 Desember 2012

SQL Injection with Backtrack 5

 How to SQL Injection with Backtrack 5.
We have been using lot of tools for sqlinjection while Pentesting today we will see how to use SQLMap a Open source Database Fingerprinting tool which works without much of the false positives,